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Pre MBA (MGT101)

ØProject submission –Students is responsible to write a report about a given company, business idea, any other course related topics and then at the end of the semester, submit the project to concerned faculty member.

ØGrades ( 15 Marks )

ØDue date the end of week 14


 Use the font type, size and style consistently throughout the document.

· For text, use Times New Roman size 12, double line spacing throughout the document. Quotations from another reference should be in quotation marks and single‐spaced. Figure and table titles should also be single‐spaced.  

· For figure and table titles, use Times Roman size 10, single spacing.

· Chapter titles, section and subsection titles should use Times New Roman size 12, bold, single‐ spaced.

· Avoid using different types of font faces and do not change the font size.

· Avoid using combined features (bold, underline and italics).


Use margins of one inch on all sides of the page.  


· Any number below 1 is singular, and any number larger than 1 is plural. Hence, something is 0.5 inch, not 0.5 inches. Something else may measure 1.1 liters (plural), not 1.1 liter (singular).  


Figure numbers and figure titles should appear below the figures.  


Table number and title should appear above the figure.  

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