hookatncnd With children?/Journal Entries

hookatncnd With children?/Journal Entries

Hard copies of your journal entries, up to date, are to be kept in a
three-prong or pocket folder. The professor may request to see this
at any time. When you upload and your last journal entry (6) you
are to attach responses to the following and upload on a separate
1. reflect on this assignment, did it help you better understand the

domains of prenatal development?
2. discuss your ease or difficulty in researching answers to the
problems, and
3. discuss your feelings about the assignment
Timeliness of Journal Entries
Journal Entries are to be uploaded by 8:10 am on the day they are
due. I suggest that you print out a hard copy also to begin collection
in your binder/pocket folder. The entries should be no more than
1.5 pages. Your cover page must include the professor’s and your
name, ID number, Journal Entry number, date, professor, and class
title. If you use any references (which you should for a couple of
entries), include a reference page.
Your complete folder with all assignments (including your 3
reflection questions answered) will be due on February 23, 2017.
Any assignment handed in after the due date will have 2 points
deducted for every class day they are late. Project your emotions
and be sure to do the required research to answer the questions
and anything additional you may choose to add.
i ‘ s

1- reflect on this assignment, did it help you better understand the domains of parental development?

2- discuss your ease or difficulty in searching answers to the problems ?

3- discuss your feeling about the assignments?

4- what you didn’t know while writting the entries (journals)?

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