?How does strategic management in the area of ethics, culture, globalisation and the environment demonstrate neoliberal values ?

Paper details
1- ? You are required to use the articles which i will uploaded later,please don’t use article from outside .
2-? You are required to take a critical, questioning approach in your essay ? not to simply reproduce taken-for-granted assertions about the importance of strategy.
3-? General discussions of strategy, drawn from sources that do not demonstrate engagement with the readings, ideas and syllabus of this unit will result in a fail mark.
4-? Your argument must have a clear, logical structure in the finished essay. This means explicit Sections, that each deal with a particular aspect of your core argument, and an Introduction, that tells the reader what you will argue and how you will structure your argument. I would suggest 4 sections for an essay of this length ? plus your Introduction and Conclusion as following :
section 1 : strategic management in ethic
section 2: strategic management in culture
section 3: strategic management in Globalisation
section 4: strategic management in the environment demonstrate neoliberal values
5- please have look to a marking rubric , i will uploaded
6- last thing see the further instruction related to this assignment ( important )

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