HRM6635 W3

Class: Employee Relations, Health and Safety


Book: Holley, Ross, and Wolters. The Labor Relations Process, 11th ed., South-Western Cengage Learning, Boston, MA, 2017.  ISBN: 978-1-305-57620-9


Please email for e-book access info


Due: Thursday Aug 31 Midnight SINGAPORE time (Please google SINGAPORE TIME to know the time)


Read Case Study 5-8:  Campaign Threats or Implied Promise of Benefit?, Chapter 5, pp. 259 – 260 of your text.  Answer questions 1 – 6 on p. 260.  Note:  External research – a minimum of one (1) relevant reference (NLRB decisions, court cases, labor laws) – is expected to support your discussion of this case.  Be sure to provide a complete citation for your reference, using APA guidelines.

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