Huma- Homework: Immigration

Read the article and answer the following questions:

1-Explain how the Latino population grew:  in the California Gold Rush, after the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848), and after 1870-1880-1882.

2-What was the Mexican born population or Heritage population of the U.S. in 1930? Why was there a mass repatriation campaign?

3-Why was the emergency Farm Labor Agreement created in the summer of 1942? What were the consequences of the Bracero Program from its creation up until 1964?

4-How was the U.S. economy conducive to unauthorized workers and immigrants between 1940 and 1960? How were those workers used?

5-What conditions led to the arrival of the Puerto Ricans, especially after World War II?

6-Explain Cuban immigration between 1965 and the early 1970s, in 1980, and in the twentieth century.

7-Summarize the educational differences among the South American immigrants in the U.S.

8-Summarize information about unauthorized immigrations and visa violators.

9-Summarize data from the 2007 U.S. Census about highly-skilled legal immigrants in key economic sectors.

10-Summarize details of the debates about “illegal immigrants” and the measures designed to pressure unauthorized persons to leave U.S. jurisdiction.

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