Human Resource Management

As a global HR specialist, what are the cross-cultural challenges you may face in attempting to use HR best practice as a performance intervention in a multinational context? Critically evaluate this question by drawing from the appropriate academic literatures to justify relevance and effectiveness of the HRM / OB tools under consideration.
Consider the following frame of reference:
• The theoretical and changing HRM landscape – e.g., the move from Personnel Management, SHRM, RBV, models of HRM and HR Best Practices.
• Significance of HR nest practices and organisational behaviour (OB) tools in assisting managers coping with cross-cultural challenges/dynamics within a MNC. Consider one of the following HR best practices e.g., Employee Training/Learning & Development, Recruitment & Selection, and Performance Management.
• Assumptions underpinning the way in which HR best practices are being propagated within a MNC, particularly in different cross-cultural environments.
The influence of culture vis-a-vis the ‘enactment’ of HR best practices and the attendant OB theoretical tools in the management of individuals and the organisation – tease out the complexities, cultural tensions and mitigation associated with implementation of HR best practice in a MNC.

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