Human Society

Human Society

Name______________________________“The People Paradox” Movie Worksheet

Go to to access the video, “The People Paradox,” part 1 of the “World in Balance.”
Answer the following questions while viewing the film.
1. Who is in control of fertility in India? Give a specific example from the film of why this can be a problem.
2. Describe the age structure of India.
3. How do people in India view daughters in terms of economics? Why?

4. What is “bride burning”? What are some reasons why it occurs?

5. How many fewer women than men are in India? What is the reason for this difference?
6. What can increase the status of women in India?
7. What are the results of overpopulation? Be specific.

1. What is a “single parasite” and how do they influence population size?
2. How does the economy have an effect on the number of children people have?
3. How does the changing population affect the elderly?
4. Describe the population pyramid of Japan.
1. How much will a child in the U.S. pollute and consume in his/her lifetime?
2. How will “baby boomers” affect the population of the country?

3. What is “global aging”?

1. How does AIDS affect population size? Does this have any influence on age structure?

2. What is “family planning” and how has it worked in Kenya?

3. What happens when the death rates fall and the birth rates remain high? How can this issue resolved?

4. How has AIDS affected the lives of people in Nairobi? What does this mean for women?
5. What does the population pyramid of countries dealing with large numbers of AIDS look like?

6. How does family planning affect the abortion rates?

7. What can countries like India and Kenya learn about economics from East Asia?

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