Humanistic Theorists Maslow and Rogers

In order to complete this assignment you must do ALL of the following: 1) Maslow and Rogers are both Humanistic theorists and their theories have some concepts in common, such as self-actualization, but they also differ in some respects. For this assignment you will need to do all of the following: a) Describe and discuss one aspect, other than self-actualization, of Maslow?s theory and one aspect, other than self-actualization, of Rogers? theory and state how they are similar and how they are not alike b) state which of these aspects of the theories you think has more validity and give at least 2 reasons for your thinking, c) discuss the similarities and differences between the two theorist?s definitions of self-actualization and state which you find to be more valid. Give at least 2 reasons for your thinking d) Describe what characteristics you believe a modern self-actualized person would possess, and e) state what conditions or circumstances you think would need to be present in modern society for people to reach a state of self-actualization as you are defining it. Paper must be 3 pages excluding title page and reference page. Lowest bids are appreciated thank you.

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