humanity – movie/”Arrival”

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humanity – movie/”Arrival”

2 pages about the move name “Arrival”

And answer 4-5 questions along the story.

1) With all the Internet technology saturating Earth, why don’t the Heptapodsbuy smart phones and use Google decryption software to communicate withus? A lot of human
culture has concepts like past, present, and future, theycould pick up on our relationship with time with not so great effort on theirpart.2) Why do they look like
squids? No offense, but are we to imagine them livingunderwater? Do they want to come and inhabit our oceans? Does that explainwhy they want our help?3) Why do they
send two emissaries rather than a team? Do Abbot and Costellohave genders that match their names? What if they’re both female?4) What exactly is going to happen in
three thousand years? Why are theyconfident that we could help them? Do we have the option of declining theirinvitation to help? What happens if we say “No?”5) How do
flash forwards function in the film? Why don’t we ever see Louise’smother helping her take care of Hannah?6) In the first timeline visualized in the flash forward, Ian
abandons his familyafter being told about Hannah’s cancer, why would he do such a terriblething? Is it better that Louise keeps that information from him the
secondtime around? Doesn’t he have the right to know and make an informedconsent?7) If you were put in charge of the first contact committee, what type of teamwould
you assemble? Would you include yourself? What about me?8) Where do the Heptapods come from? The initial assumption is that theycome from our universe, but that’s not
entirely clear; what if they come fromanother Universe with different physical laws? How might the concept of amulti-verse help explain their unique relationship to
time?9) What do you think might actually happen if a first contact scenario such asthat outlined in the film happened tomorrow? What would be the response ofthe Trump
administration?10) In all the excitement and confusion about first contact with an alien species,who cares if Louise has a baby? Not to be too cruel about it, but
that storyseems wedged into a significantly larger issue like a distraction.

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