Identify any potential ethical issues

Assignment on Evaluating a Supply Chain


You are consulting for the same organization that you worked for in LASA 1. The organization has asked you to design a supply chain and implement a program to monitor its performance with respect to sustainability. They have also asked you to give recommendations for improving upon your plan as the organization grows. The chief executive officer (CEO) has asked you to present your design and recommendations in a PowerPoint presentation at a meeting with the executive management team.


Your presentation should include the following information:

1. Evaluate the organization’s facilities with regard to capacity and location. Determine whether the organization has enough capacity and whether or not the facilities are strategically located.

2. Conduct an inventory analysis of the firm.

o Evaluate the firm’s ERP system.

o Evaluate the firm’s inventory management systems.

o Identify the firm’s inventory costs.

o Determine the firm’s optimum order quantities.

o Identify the firm’s seasonality adjustments and reorder points.

3. Describe the systems used to monitor the performance of the suppliers.

o Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs).

o Describe the firm’s risk management strategies.

4. Identify the firm’s conflict management strategies.

5. Recommend strategies, tools, etc. the organization can use to improve or expand upon the supply chain in the future.

6. Identify any potential ethical issues that could have a negative impact on the organization and make recommendations to address them.

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