Identify ONE of the author’s key ideas or concepts.

eading Review

Write a 2 – 3 page response to the readings. Include these elements:

1. Identify ONE of the author’s key ideas or concepts.

Quote one (or more) lines related to the idea. Identify page number(s) where the idea is located in the article.
Summarize the idea or concept.
Interpret the idea or concept: What is the author trying to convey? How does this idea connect with concepts explored in the course?

The response should be thoughtful and “juicy.” It should accurately and completely exemplify the intention of the author. This is designed to assist you in becoming an active reader and to identify and interpret information that you can later use for your research paper.

Type the assignment in narrative form using the following format. 12 point font, 1 inch margins.

Assessment Criteria:

The response as a whole is comprehensive and complete. It includes quotations and page numbers. Also, the entire paper:

-exemplifies high level thinking

-includes an in-depth understanding of the author’s intention within the context of the whole article.

-demonstrates the ability to synthesize the information in the article and connect it with the selected key idea or concept

-evidences an ability to effectively apply the author’s ideas to the big ideas and concepts explored in the course. Examples from the article and class (lectures, other readings, videos, discussions, guest lecturers, etc.) should be named and connected to the author’s intentions.

-has impeccable spelling, grammar and punctuation

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