Both the IKEA Instructions document submission and peer review will be done using this activity link. IKEA Instructions (1st Draft) – Select one of the IKEA assembly instructions to revise. IKEA instructions are notorious for being pictorial texts with no written steps on putting furniture together. Therefore, you will revise ONE set of instructions and rewrite these instructions by adding step-by-step process of assembly for this piece of furniture. DO NOT USE PICTORIAL TEXTS AS THE ONLY COMPONENT IN YOUR INSTRUCTIONS. Instead provide images of the parts in the “materials needs” area of the instructions. You can also create a name for the material items, if there is no known name for that “whatchamacallit” or “doodad”. Just be sure to use this material name within the instructional steps. Finally, use the Instructions template, which you can download from our Moodle course shell. While you are making the changes to IKEA instructions, take notes on how you do it. Expand the notes into a 1 or 2-page procedure with a materials list and clearly written steps that can be understood by others. Read Chapter 10: Instructions, Procedures, and Policies in our textbook. IKEA Instructions Peer Review – IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBMITTED THE INITIAL IKEA INSTRUCTIONS DRAFT ASSIGNMENT, you will only receive credit for the peer review of one other classmate’s IKEA Instructions document. The peer review requires a thorough reading of the instructions and determining the functionality as well as readability of the instructions. Would you be able to build this item based on your classmate’s instructions? Are the instructions too complicated or lacks additional information? While you do so, write comments about anything you find confusing about the instructions and any suggestions you have. For Instance, are the parts list and steps clear? Is it written well? Submit the IKEA Peer Review document with these recommended changes to the instructions. also need to write a short response for below Look at documents you use: textbooks, newspapers, webpages. What pet peeves do you have about design? Respond by posting a new discussion topic and replying to this forum question. Please engage in discussion with two other peers based on their responses.

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