Illness impacts on patients’ lives.

Written Assessment 1
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Illness impacts on patients’ lives. This assessment relates to a patient Molly Mooney. Please refer to the video titled ‘Molly’s conditions’ This video gives you a background on Molly and has necessary information that you will be required to know in order to complete the assignment task
Who is Molly Mooney Molly is a 84 year old widower of many years and lives alone with no assistance. She had 3 children: 1 died at birth, 2 are still living: Michael – firefighter, David-Nurse Unit Manager. Molly has a sister Donna, 65 years old, who lives in UK. Molly is a long time ex-smoker, she stopped after her husband died of a heart attack. After many years of nursing as a GP Practice Nurse she retired. Her passion for nursing is strong and she still likes to be involved in reviewing articles for the Australian Practice Nurse Association reviewer Molly experiences many health issues These include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension (HTN), Diabetes Type 2, osteoporosis, cervical cancer for which she had a hysterectomy 10 years ago. She also suffers from anxiety. Molly talks about her medications in the video briefly. These include Salbutamol 100mcgs prn, Tiotropium 18mcgs daily via a handihaler, Atenolol 25mgs daily and Alendronate once Weekly 70mg tablet once a week in the morning, Metformin SR 1000mgs daily. Her vital signs are: Blood Pressure – 158/94; Respiration rate – 26 breaths per minute; SPO2 saturation – 94%, Pulse – 92 beats per minute


With reference back to Mary’s case and her video discuss in essay format:
• An overview of the pathophysiology, causes and risk factors of COPD
• Demonstrate an understanding of the prescribed medications used by Molly and provide a rationale for their use.
• Analyse and discuss self-management strategies that can be used for the management of Mary’s chronic illness/es, considering cultural and social issues.

You will need:

• Title page-student name, student number, course code, term/year, name of course coordinator, name of assignment and due date for submission
• Include header with student name and number and a footer or page numbers
• Essay format includes introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Use double line spacing, Times New Roman, sixe 12 font
• The inclusion of evidence based clinical guidelines that may be accessed from websites is acceptable. It is preferred that you use academic, peer reviewed articles/journals. NB: Journal articles used must be less than 5 years old and textbooks less than 10 years old
• A Reference list that adheres to APA presentation guidelines and indicates that you have read widely must be included.

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