Immigration Law

Immigration Law
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Immigration Law
The executive order of immigration given by the current president of United States of America set off a widening political and legal crisis one week into his
presidency (Ford 2017). The order has a cognitive impact on not only the American society but also the whole world. Thelaw will affect a vast sector of the American
economy that is; the education sector, health sector, and international trade. The specialty of emergency medicine would be harmed with the order (Shy 2017).The order
that was given by the President Trump barred Syrian refugees from entering the United States, suspended all refugee admissions for 120 days and blocked citizens of
seven Muslim-majority countries, refugees or otherwise, from entering the United States for 90 days: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen (Stack 2017).
Moreover, in Trump’s executive order he publicizes crimes by undocumented immigrant; the erect new detention facilities; asylum seekers; and, ultimately, speed up
deportation (Nixon 2017). The number one priority that President give in Trump’s executive order was people who pose a threat to the society of America are dealt
(Nixon 2017). Trump’s policy is in line with the former president Barrack Obama administration which stated that undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes
were the priority for deportation. The goal of Obama policy on restricting the undocumented immigrants in 2014 was to focus limited resources on the most severe cases.
However, contrary to the immigration order many immigration and customs enforcement agents complained that the priorities of the executive order tied their hands,
taking away their discretion as to which group they were to target (Kelly and Sprunt 2017).
The above-stated order implied that almost all persons who brush with the American law-enforcement system were to make an immigrant a target of deportation. Such kind
of person was taken to impose a risk to public safety or national security. Thus, the president put most of the Americans immigrants at risk of being deported or
subjected to law for the minor mistakes that can be handled internally by the local government.
The immigration ban issued would unleash to the immigration system in airports America and overseas. The immigration rule would prompt protests in the society in
which the affected people will protest for their rights in the society thus causing chaos and thus distracting peace in the America (Gilson 2017). The seven named
countries would feel neglected and discriminated by the society of America which is the American Dream of a classless society; a society with no social stratification
but equality. Massive protests have been evident from the executive order that the president on the undocumented immigrants (Stack 2017).
The order given by the President majored on the Muslims who were thought to be terrorism and dangerous to the society of America. The hypothesis of the executive order
can have based on the 19 hijackers on the plane that crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Shanks Ville, were from Saudi Arabia and the
rest of the hijackers were from the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Egypt and none f the countries are on Mr. Trump’s visa ban list (Michael and Nixon 2017). Thus,
as much as the president’s order was to prevent terrorism from the America. If the president does not restrict the countries that were involved in hijacking the
plane, then the same hijackers can still cause terrorism attacks to the country of America. The ban on the undocumented immigrants in the United States will protect
American if the government of United States ensures that those admitted to the country do not bear hostile attitudes toward the country.
Trump’s executive order will compromise the education system of America. The potentials students in the countries that were included in the President’s order would be
prevented from getting their basic right, education in the United States. The students in the seven Muslims banned from immigrating to the United Sates would be barred
from getting scholarships to go to America to get a quality education in the majors they would like to join. This would imply that the number of students from the
states which are banned from immigrating to America will be forced to major into other countries which unlike the United States might lack standard education
facilities that is very useful in the learning process.
Furthermore, the ban administered by the president will make the reputation of the United States be compromised that is to some extent the action seem to
promote discrimination based on religion. The countries that are were included in the immigration ban are Muslims dominated thus the Islamic people living in America
may feel that are they are being discriminated and segregated by the federal government of America who believes they are terrorist thus a threat to the society of
America (Kulish and Dickerson 2017). Not all of the Muslims in the targeted countries are terrorist thus the decision the executive order issued by the president puts
the life of innocent people at risk.
As much as it did the President will reduce crime in the United States through his order that prohibits of the seven Muslim countries and aims at deporting
undocumented immigrants in the country; the act compromises the life of many people in the society. It should not be assumed that the residents of the seven countries
that have been restricted to immigrate to the United States are all terrorists as they are still some good people in the society thus the order compromises the safety
of such innocent people.
Thus, despite the President accomplishing his promise as he said during his campaigns the order is going to spoil the good reputation of America. The trade unions the
country has with the country in the ban list will be ended. Thus the government might have adverse implication due to its decisions. The order does not promote
socialization and encourage division in people thus the Muslims in the seven countries will hate the government for the affirmative action they have taken which
instead of helping the United States even put them at risk. Thus, the government should consider revising the order.

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