Impact and Future of Information Technology in the Hotel Industry

Topic: Impact and Future of Information Technology in the Hotel Industry

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Information Systems has had a major impact in the world for the past years and has completely changed the practices of many business. Businesses are trying to adapt and understand the new technologies in order to use it to their advantage. Technology has definitely taken the world by the storm and several jobs and tasks that were manually completed in the past are now handled by new technologies with a click of a button. Information technology on the today’s world has reshaped the way people act, buy and sell.
The paper needs to identify the effects of developments in information technology, identify current key issues associated with information technology and evaluate key challenges limiting the use of technology within the international hospitality sector. This paper needs to analyze in depth adaptation of technology and integration within the hospitality industry, the effects of information technology in sales and marketing consumer behavior online, customer relationship management, generation of revenues, social media, mobile platforms and applications, online communities, search engine optimizations and goals of technology for the future.

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