Impact of European sovereign debt crisis on European stock indices – A Volatility Perspective Study

Follow the guidelines and use 1.5 spacing with Harvard ref style.

Refer to Dissertation guidelines attachment. Assessment criteria is given as well.
Under suggested topics, my main chosen topic is EUROZONE CRISIS, POLICY ACTIONS AND FINANCIAL MARKET VOLATILITY – you can refer to that for more info.
My supervisor said to pick 6 major European stock indices that were affected by the crisis – but do not choose Greece or Cyprus – take data of the indices from 2005 to 2017 and conduct tests om E-Views to prove hypotheses of volatility. Various types of models – GARCH models have to be used to test – also show descriptive stats –
Take various key events (eg Brexit, Trump elections, other major events) and show volatility –
A small section concerning crypto-currencies would be great too – like say how as the crisis unfolded, it eventually lead to the development of the cryprocurrency markets – Volatility of Bitcoin, Ethereum.

You can change the topic name too if something more interesting crops up.
More guidelines might be given when I meet my supervisor next (in 3-4 days but that is most unlikely to happen)

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