Impact on the performance of the employees

The assignment carries two parts. Both need to be completed in groups of four.
The students are required to write a written report of 700-800 words on part A. No verbal presentation is required for part A.

Assignment Submission: Two Weeks from announcement date

Part A

Visit a company and arrange an interview with the human resource manager of the company discussing with him work ethics the employees need to follow in the company. Find out any five of the work ethics (preferably recently introduced ones) the manager thinks have had or will have positive effects/impact on the performance of the employees.

You are also required to critically analyze his/her responses keeping in view the nature of his/her company, working conditions etc. and give your point of view about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of his favorite work ethics if you were to open and introduce these ethics in your own company.

A. Constituents of the Report
– Table of contents
Write a detailed report discussing the following points:
– Introduction – Background of the company and topic
– Methodology
– Work ethics chosen/preferred by the manager, why
– Your analysis and response
– Conclusion

Word limit-800 words

Part B:

Your company has decided to send a few employees to receive training in a non-Arab country. You have to choose the country and design a workshop/training program for the employees on the business etiquettes of that country, covering the following points: dress code, greetings, dining etiquettes, meeting and phone etiquettes, etc. (provide at least 7 points). Together with a PowerPoint presentation, you also have to dramatize these points in class.


– The students are only required to carry out a verbal presentation using power point slides and other dramatizations techniques such as role-play, acting etc. on part B. No written report is required for part B.

– Give a demo of the training program with your group members. You can also involve other classmates in it.

– Each group should have a different country.

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