Impacts of electric vehicle on distribution networks

1. A simple power system integrated with Electric vehicles of penetrating at 25% 50% and 100% of total load of power system.
2. The scopes should show power quality issues like harmonics due to EV penetration, voltage drop and instability due to high EV penetration.

3. the only solution is to charge EV in sections or at one charging station.

For your information. I have included the simple power system and an EV. With a topography.

I require a full MATLAB simulation, final report.

Impacts of Electric Vehicle on distribution networks

The different modes of transport in the world available like air travel, railways and personal transport like cars and motorcycles all have common problems like cost of running and maintenance and fuel prices. The focus for this project is concerned with the fuel price and the adverse effect it poses on the environment. Personal travel is the most favoured mode of transport in the world. Humans always are looking for ways to generate cheaper fuel for this mode of travel but the only solution is changing the form of energy used. Electrical energy is used as an alternative for fossil fuel as a cheaper way to travel around. This project emphasis the benefits of choosing electric energy over fossil fuels and also the impacts of electric vehicle on distribution networks. The main aim and objective of this project is to investigate the impacts of electric vehicle on the power grid and its effects on the quality of power delivered. Electric vehicles are a form of transport which can be highly favoured in the future but its recent introduction into the current system of distribution will bring negative impacts on the power system. The solutions are clearly identified in this study cum project and defined in the most appropriate way for general audience to understand and comprehend.

Project Aims and benefits

This project focuses on the impacts of electric vehicle on distribution networks. The aim of the project is to identify the impacts on the power grid, with focus on power quality issues and to provide suitable solutions to the grid. The causes behind the power quality issues, expansion of electric vehicle with integration to the grid and solution to the impacts with clear definitions of all solutions are detailed in this report. The project aims to distinguish the existing problems faced by distribution networks and to clarify all issues with relevant research.

1712_Impacts of Electric Vehicle.jpg

Figure 1. Topography of a Distribution system with electric vehicles

2339_Impacts of Electric Vehicle1.jpg

Figure 2. Simple Electric vehicle modelling

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