Important ritual element of aztec society

1. Which of the following was not an important ritual element of Aztec society?
a. Horse racing by priest and nobles

b. Consumption of addictive substances

c. Human sacrifice

d. Ballgame played by priests, nobles, and captives

2. The most important outcomes of the Mongol peace were

a. The establishment of a stable, coherent government across Eurasia

b. The transfer of goods and technology from east to west

c. The adoption of Islam

d. The spread of western ideas to the east

3. After the settlement of New Zealand by Polynesians, people

a. Gradually developed agriculture and increasingly violent warfare

b. Continued to practice a primarily hunting and gathering lifestyle until the arrival of Europeans

c. Focused most of their activity on gathering food from the sea

d. Relied primarily on the pasturage of animals for their food

4. Why was the North American prairie an inhibiting geographical influence to communication and trade?

a. Because of its size and lack of navigable rivers

b. Because it is aligned on a north-south axis across climatic zones

c. Because Native Americans never developed effective ways of traveling across it

d. Because it is too high in altitude and is impassable for much of the year

5. The African Sahel probably did NOT become a corridor of communication comparable to the Eurasians steppe because of its

a. Poverty

b. Lack of adequate rivers

c. Mountains

d. Richness

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