In the Lovely Month of May

You are going to find common musical materials in Schumann’s In the Lovely Month of May and your choice of following contemporary vocal music.

  • Use Interactive Listening Guide for In the Lovely Month of May and understand the each material you learned in Part 1
  • Find a piece you like to compare
  1. Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line”
  2. Carrie Underwood “See You Again”
  3. Michael Jackson “Will You Be There”
  4. Taylor Swift “You Belong with Me”
  5. Metallica “Nothing Else Matters”
  • In the discussion board
    • Create a thread with the choice of music.
    • Discuss the musical materials that are in common (Melody, Rhythm and Meter, Harmony, Major/Minor, Texture, Form, Tempo and Dynamics, Words/Poem, Instruments, and Overall Feel) and NOT in common.
    • Comment on 2 of your classmates’ posting whether you agree or disagree, and post the reasons.

Pay attention to the use of your language and grammar.

Your original post is 50 points including the discussion of each material/element and the comparison (5 points for each element), and comments to two classmates is 25 points each. If you like, you may utilize the chart below.

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