individual reflection report from Smartsims single player of MikeBikes


this is the online business game as in real life and real world as we are living . first the expert need to go to Smartsims website to login when login on left hand site you will see the “manual and videos” then read and watch all the guide to introduce how to play the game and how to put the figure on it to selling, distribution, production, advertising all this thing to running the business. Remember dont make my business bankruptcy (if bankcruptcy CAN NOT play anymore). After all this, same on left hand site on “Mikebikes intro” click on one of my name showing Launch “YAP, siew fun,Inc” and start to play for SINGLE PLAYER NOT MULTIPLE PLAYER. REMEMBER once expert are playing the singleplayer game for every transaction or information of report whatever report is like market information, distribution branding info, income statement all this ( if expert finish watching all the videos they know what should to do keep record) the expert MUST ALWAYS KEEP all the information record of a copy email to me when they finish playing the game and finish doing the reflection report of it. Because I need to submit the every transaction record to my lecture. I will give a sample of reflection report also all the information i do have( hand writing as well on paper) to help the expert doing my report if the expert not sure they can call me or email to me but i recommend prefer they call me.

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