Individual with Disabilities Education Act

Individual with Disabilities Education Act



Content 1. The formal name of the social policy being discussed, and a discussion of the goals of the policy, including a description of the policies target

2. The agency (agencies) charged with its implementation, the types of benefits provided (i.e., cash grants, vouchers, concrete goods, services, etc.).

3. A discussion of how the policy, and the programs created or maintained by the policy, are funded, including, when appropriate, the type of funding (e.g., block
grants, reimbursements, etc.), and the source(s) of funding (federal, state, mix of federal and state).

4. The magnitude and dimensions of the social problem/issue that the social policy was designed to address. This should include relevant demographic data to establish
how prevalent the issue or problem and its effect on individuals, families, communities, and society.

5. The development and evolution of the policy, including identification of previous policies that the current policy modified or replaced, social and political
conditions under which the current policy was formed, and factors that have affected implementation of the policy, including any modifications.

Quality of Writing 6. Title page, running head, and basic formatting of the paper in APA Style 6​th​ edition (see sections 2.01, 2.05, 3.03, 8.03, & 8.07 in the â
€‹Publication Manual of American Psychological Association
​ (2009). An abstract is not required for Paper 1.

7. Headings are utilized to organize the paper (see sections 3.02 & 3.03).

8. In-text citations are formatted in APA Style (see Chapter 6)

9. Direct quotes are not overused. When they are utilized, they are cited in APA Style (see sections 6.03 – 6.09). If no direct quotes are utilized, then the student
automatically receives 3 points for this criterion.

10.The list of references is formatted in APA Style. (See 2.11, 6.22-6.26,6.27-6.31, and all of Chapter 7).

11.Paper is well written: including organization (see 3.01-3.04), style (3.05-3.11), unbiased language (pages 70-73 & 3.12-3.17), grammar (3.18-3.23), & mechanics
(Chapter 4). Paper is between 4 to 6 pages in length (not counting title page and references).

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