Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization
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Reading “Advertising, Competition And Entry In Media Industries” which i will upload the paper later, and then write the essay including following questions:
a. What are the question(s) the article seeks to answer? [6 marks]
b. Summarize how the authors go about answering these questions? [18 marks]
c. How convincing do you find their research? [6 marks]
d. Find three other relevant articles and/or books that also cast light on issues related to the questions in (a). List them, read them, and explain why you chose each of them. [Marks will be awarded for choosing the most relevant selection, as well as for your explanation].[18 marks]
e. How successful is the literature (i.e., the main reading plus the three others) in increasing our understanding of the issues? What have we learnt from this research? What do we still need to know? [12 marks]

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