Influence of American Immigration to the US economy

the main point of the research paper is the influence of AMERICAN IMMIGRATION to the US economy
and it should be written as APA form
some articles should be quoted, but must be marked the author and years. such as (David Culter, 2013)
the article should be at least five pages.
my draft is attached below

The influence of American immigration to the US economy

To some extent, the immigration brings many advantages to the US economy

Agricultural development: EU immigrants brings many agriculture products, such as corns, vegetables

Industrial development: Cheap labor and some advanced technology such as railway skills taught by the Irish.

Science and technology: the introduction of the talents to some hi-tech enterprises..

While, the disadvantages
It?s may be benefit to the US economy, but some Americans lose their jobs because of the immigrants, which indicates that the immigration may have side effects on the individual economy.

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