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Reflection Paper Two: HAP Health Information 2017
Reflection Paper Two: HAP Health Information 2017
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Reflection Two: HAP 412 Spring 2017
You will write a three to four page reflection on one of the following scopes:
1 Scope 1: Critical issues facing health information now that may impact growth; OR
Costs                            Staffing/support
Security                      Complexity
Adoption                     Quality
Value/ROI                    Governance
Leadership                  Constant change and ability to adapt
Disparities of access to HIS.

1 Scope 2: Review of the future important opportunities facing health information.
Integration of health systems                   Interoperability
Complexity                                               population health
Telehealth                                                 Research
EMS                                                          Technology
Quality                                                      Health Informatics
National health IT infrastructure
Topic Area: You can select any topic within one of the two scopes of Healthcare Information
Systems that you feel comfortable or interested in. If none of these match, consider your own, as
long as they fall under one of the two scopes. If you select your own, inform the instructor.
• Research the topic and provide a synopsis of the topic
• Background
• Key points
• Examples
• Define the core concepts or issues/opportunity

Once the synopsis of the topic is complete, provide some analysis of the topic:

If it is a HIS issue paper:
Define the issue—How did we arrive at this issue
What are the causes and effects—
What are the ramifications of the issue if not addressed—
Explain and define how the issue can be or is being addressed—
Who is responsible for the issue remedy—
If it is a HIS opportunities paper:
Define what the expected opportunities are-
What are the benefits of those opportunities?
Who will benefit? Provide details.
Explain what it will take to realize the opportunities. Provide details and examples.
How do we get going/moving forward on the opportunity
• Reflection
1 Discuss, from a management perspective, how one should understand and deal
with the opportunity or issue.
1 Use management terms and concepts to reflect
2 Demonstrate a management philosophy

This first paper should be no more than five pages in length. Write the paper at college level with a
clear format. The reader should be able to clearly determine an introduction, body and conclusion
to your paper. Follow all standard grammar and syntax rules. A minimum of two
Reliable, Valid, Relevant sources must be referenced and used in the paper.

Level of completeness                   Highly Complete               Moderate              Low
Examples and detail                        High detail                          Moderate              Low
Writing                                               Very Clear                          Clear                     Unclear
Reflection                                         Very clear                           Clear                     Unclear
Overall quality of paper                 High                                     Moderate            Low.

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