innovation and managment

innovation and managment
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Given that successful innovation is the process of successfully taking a technology/idea/invention to market, your selected innovation should be something which has already been successfully commercialised.
Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of: ? idea generation (normally to solve a problem) ? technology development ? manufacturing ? marketing of a new technology/idea/invention “The successful exploitation of new ideas”. (Trott, 2012)
(i.e. innovation = invention + exploitation).
You should therefor try to research an invention and exploitation process, as the aim of this exercise is create a case-study on how to manage successful innovation.
Which innovation should you chose for Assignment 2?
This project requires you to select an “innovation” that you personally find inspiring. The innovation that you select will relate to Innovation Management You will research and analyse all innovation aspects of the subject that you have selected (why is it innovative)

The case order below depends on the story you will write, stage of growth and type of innovation. Therefore, try to find information on and comment on:
? The Problem being solved ? The Solution ? The inventor/creator ? Customers ? Markets ? Market Size ? Execution plan ? Revenue Model (how does it make money) ? Partners ? Competition ? Management ? Financials ? Closing the loop (conclusion)
Typical Innovation case Structure?
?write a story… Approx. 20% on Story (problem) & Solution
? 25% on Markets, Existing Customers, Partners
? 35% on Traction, Execution, Value Proposition, Revenue Model and Barriers to Entry
? 20% on Team and Financials.
please include all the references that you will use on the paper..

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