Installing and configuring databases are important first steps when working with a database

Installing and configuring databases are important first steps when working with a database. This class will enable you to work with a popular database server available for Microsoft operating systems. This popular database will provide you with the opportunity to learn database concepts using a real database environment.
1. Download and install the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition using SQL Server authentication.
o Download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Express Edition. Include the SQL Server Management Studio to accompany this software. SQL Server Management Studio is used as the client graphical user interface (GUI). You should select two separate items to download all the necessary software.
o Review the information regarding Details, System Requirements and Install Instructions prior to the download. Note that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Windows PowerShell 2.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 are prerequisites.
o Click here to download the software.
o Follow the installation instructions found in the Install Instructions section. Use the configuration defaults for all except database engine configuration authentication mode. Select Mixed Mode including SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication. Remember the password that you chose for the SQL Server system administrator account.
o Be sure to set up and enable SQL Server authentication mode when you install the software.
o Review the log referenced at the completion of the installation to ensure success.
2. Once you have installed and configured the software, discuss with the class your experiences. For example, what questions did you have before you installed and configured the software? What, if any, issues did you have during the installation and configuration process? How did you resolve any installation or configuration issues? What suggestions would you have for others who need to install and configure the software based upon your experience?
3. Provide thoughts regarding issues and solutions that they may have described. Share any best practices that you might have.
that you might have.

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