Integrative Seminars

Integrative SeminarsOrder Description
Task 3.1
Mission, vision, objectives and strategies
In this task you will use the case of Playa Serena who introduced early in the course as a resource to put into practice what you have learned about planning in business administration. (See the attachment) To see the results of the survey conducted by the hotel owner (see the attachment)
Specific instructions
• Read carefully the case of Playa Serena.
• Using the data in the case, answer the following:
• Writes and evaluates the company’s mission for Playa Serena (8 points):
– Compose a mission to Playa Serena.
– Assessment: Identifies the mission you have written at least three (3) main elements that distinguish it.
• Compose a vision for the company. (8 points)
• Choose one or more of the following operational areas and drawn two (2) short-term objectives (4 points each 8 points):
– security
– maintenance
– food and entertainment (restaurant, gym and recreational areas): (see the attachment)
or employees
• Writes at least a strategy for each of the objectives you wrote in the previous step. (2 Strategies to 4 points: 8 points)

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