Integrative Seminars

Integrative SeminarsOrder Description
Task 3.2
Policies, procedures and rules
In this task you will use the case of Playa Serena who introduced early in the course as a resource to put into practice what you have learned about planning in business administration. (See the attachment). To see the results of the survey conducted by the hotel owner (See the attachment)
Specific instructions
• Read carefully the case of Playa Serena.
• Using the data in the case, answer the following:
– Choose two issues you refer to the owner of Playa Serena should state its position, and writes two (2) specific policies (one for each subject). Follow the suggested module content format. (8 points each policy: 16 points)
– Writes one (1) procedure necessary to implement the objectives drafted in activity 3.1. Follow the suggested module content format. (8 points)
– Writes at least three (3) rules needed to implement your plan. (4 points each: 12 points)

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