international business proposal

international business proposal

This course has been created around the activity of creating an international business proposal that will promote and develop tools and information that will be

applicable to any job in the business community. To create this proposal, students are required not only to read required, selected texts and express themselves in

discussion and online assignments, but do their own research, reading, and analysis similar to what would be required for starting or working in a real international


A fundamental component of this assignment is beginning of the creation of a world view. This course and this assignment encourage global thinking and awareness.

Much of what is being asked of the students is designed to encourage them to think like a global citizen or a citizen of the world.

Write an international business proposal during the course. Choose their own business, international business strategy, and market. Each module of the course will

provide information to use to build each section of their proposal. Required sections of the proposal include (but are not limited to) the following:

Description of business, product or service
Proposed international strategy
Business Model
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Cultural Issues
Risks and Contingencies

This proposal project will be a work in process during the term of the class. Each week will focus the student on one or two sections:

Week 1 will familiarize you with the concept of the world view and give you an introduction to international business.
Week 2 focuses on the identification of the sources of information that will be needed and how they can be acquired. You will create a draft SWOT. The SWOT tool

will be updated, refined, fine-tuned as the class progresses and more information becomes available.
Week 3 covers the various international business models and encourages the selection of one that best fits the business selected.
Weeks 4 and 5 cover the PESTEL analysis. Create this analysis and then use this information to adjust your proposal to date. (This is a cyclical process where

information will be updated and enhanced as factors are uncovered and understood). Also covered will be any ethical factors that need to be considered.
Week 7 exposes you to cultural differences that you might encounter.
Week 8 provides the collaborative international organizations that are important to an international relationship.
Week 9 will give you tools you need to staff your business.
Week 10 covers areas of corruption and other risks of doing business internationally.

Here are some tips for successfully completing this project:

Tip1: Learn flexibility required in an international business venture. Some of the ideas they start with may need to be discarded and replaced as research and

analysis progresses.
For example, the country of origin may need to be replaced, the product or service modified.
Tip2: Share as much as possible, their challenges in the class discussion board and in their journal.
Tip3: Use the APA template provided. Use the sections provided but can feel free to move these around. They are also encouraged to add sections as needed.

Length & Format:

The final paper should be 20-40 pages in approximate APA format.

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