International Conflict resolution

Answer the following two questions:

  1. List the most important accomplishments of the UN peacekeeping missions in East Timor and explain in your own words why those particular accomplishments were so important in terms of conflict resolution.
  2. Given those accomplishments and the continuation of violence up through 2006, explain why each of the following missions (INTERFET, UNAMET and UNTAET) should be considered a success or failure.


Paper Instructions:


  • Make sure you structure your answer so that you address the key issues by providing definitions and analyses as based on the research to support your points.
  • Use scholarly sources to argue and justify your views.
  • NO DIRECT QUOTATION, whichinvolves quoting word for word one or more sentences from an author or source. This does not mean no references.
  • Double-space, 12 pt. font, 1” margins.
  • Use subheadings to set off the various sections of the paper, giving the subheadings a catchy title to let the reader know what’s in the section.
  • Use Turabian Reference style



Below are the arguments touched in the course:


International Law: Arbitration

Strategic Approaches: Mediation and Diplomatic Pressure

Strategic Approaches: Economic Sanctions and Inducements

Evaluating a program of international economic sanctions

Peacekeeping and other military actions

The United Nations, multi-national organizations, coalitions

Analysis of a Peacekeeping Mission


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