International entrepreneurship

International entrepreneurshipOrder Description
This assignment has 2 parts:
PART 1: (2000 words): Write a case study on an international entrepreneur. In my case, I was given the topic on Richard Branson and HIS FIRST COMPANY (please write the case based on that, don’t use any other Virgin companies born LATER in Virgin group). This part MAY answer some basic questions about Richard Branson like: who is he, what does he do, what type of entrepreneur is he, what motivate him to set up business (mention motivation theories like Mc clelland, “Nascent entrepreneurship,…), what influence his decision (indicate some theories about family or environment influences), is he born or made entrepreneur, what make him go forward… REMEMBER TO USE THEORIES TO SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENT ABOUT RICHARD IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU’RE WRITING.
PART 2: (1000 words): identify the main themes emerging from that case study, and how the focal international entrepreneurship and their firm CONFIRMS/DISCONFIRMS the international entrepreneurship literature. (Just pick up ONLY ONE THEME in the following ones:
1. Gender and international entrepreneurship.
2. Family and international entrepreneurship.
3. Financing international entrepreneurship.
4. Technical international entrepreneurship.
5. Social international entrepreneurship.
6. Habitual international entrepreneurs
7. Ethnicity and international entrepreneurship.
He’s very serious about plagiarism so don’t let its’ turnitin over 10%
Have a clear table of contents with clear tittle for each part
In the conclusion, please conclude with the answer of whether that entrepreneur a born or made one.

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