International Marketing Management

Topic: International Marketing Management

Order Description
Please find attached task.
• Prepare a 2,500 word document which answers the questions set and::
• gives a critical discussion and practical advice, underpinned by a good understanding of theory and practice;
• includes arguments and where possible supporting evidence for the points that you make.
• It is expected that you will:
• use market and country reports from reliable business sources to support your analysis and decisions;
• consider general models such as PEST, SWOT, Porter, Ansoff and the Majaro Grid of PEST/Marketing Mix as a base to support your analysis and these may be included as appendices. You will need to apply these to the case, not just present the models.

The Case Study
The Lush company internationally.
Assessment Criteria
To pass you must complete the tasks and will be assessed as to how well you:
• Monitor and critically evaluate developments in the international business environment and apply these to the international marketing situation. (weight 30%)
• Develop ideas for a company’s future international marketing strategy (weight 30%)
• Use theories and models of marketing in the international situation to underpin your ideas. (weight 30%)
• Presentation and references (10%)

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