International Relations – Climate change

International Relations – Climate change

Role: Vice President

Instructions: Use the role description to shape your perspective for research and the role-play. List the concepts, ideas, and policy options that comde to mind. Draft a short response for each issue for consideration. investigate the research leads bu looking at the Additional Reading throughout the case and the Reading list in section 3.3

Consider the drop-down notepad on the right to take notes, since you will be able to print and consult these notes during th discussion. Research your department role within the executive branch and advocate strongly for you interests.

Description of Role:

The vice president must be ready at a moments notice to assume the presidency if the commander in chief is unable to perform her or his due dates. Vice presidents can play a relatively active role on the National Security Council (NSC), serving as a general advisor and freely advocating their own positions during meetings. In particular, the president may ask the vice presidentto serve as and independent voice untethered to any of the agencies untethered to any of the agencies represented by other NSC participants. The president may ask about the interaction between the issue at hand and the domestic political situation, Including in Congress

The vice presidents goals is to provide the president advice on any topic, including those overlooked by other NSC participants, ; and
understand the range of views in Congres and work to build congressal and public support for the president’s chosen approach.
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