INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FORUM-PHYLLIS YOUNG1. Please define NGOs and explain what their role is in the countries where they operate. What is their relationship with the governments of their host countries?

2. Choose and NGO and describe its nature and capabilities in your own words (paraphrase and cite). How did this NGO come to be? What is its mission or goal? Don’t cut and paste something from the NGO website. Please make sure to choose an NGO that relates to international issues.

3. Your summary should indicate why your NGO should be considered a friend, foe, or foil. Some NGOs play important roles in conflict resolution. Some NGOS stir up conflict. They also play important roles during the economic, social and governmental aspects of peace settlements–the kind of problems that often cause negotiated settlements to fall apart and conflicts to reemerge. To begin this part of analysis, please define first what you consider to be a friend, foe or foil.
IMPORTANT: The definitions of the concepts you provide throughout the essay should not be based on your opinions. After all, you are not an expert of International Relations yet. Rather, you should use the definitions of the concepts developed by the scholars in the field. This is where the readings for the course and additional resources come in very handy.


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