International relations: The third world

Topic: International relations: The third world
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the module is: The third world. This module embraces both theoretical and empirical approaches to understanding development issues and policies, at national, international and multilateral scale. The approach taken is deliberately inter-disciplinary, incorporating historical, economic, political and social perspectives. The module uses case studies based in Africa, Latin America and Asia to illustrate and provide context for the discussion of various developmental concerns. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the development policy arena; how it is framed and constituted; the power relations between actors; and the impact on human communities and their environments.

The question I am trying to answer in the essay is: Citing examples, discuss the benefits and disbenefits accruing to Third World governments from allowing transnational corporations to exploit natural resources within their national territory. please write an introduction and conclusion. cite academic sources only, use up to date books and academic journals, and be careful with plagiarism. I will upload what should be considered, also I will upload some slides of pineapple company as a relevant example to answer this question, you do not need to use it if you have better ideas. Thank you.

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