internship in accounting

internship in accounting reflection

about my internship in an accounting firm: i have been scanning, completed 1099’s, filing, photocopying, etc.
Reflective Journal Entry
Early Reflection: What Happened? Tell Us About It.

Consider your internship experience over the first few weeks and respond to the following questions. If you are working on a specific project for your internship organization, please draw from this experience to answer these questions.


What have you observed about your internship experience so far? Consider factors such as company culture, workflow processes, management style.
What have you observed about your behavior and actions as an internship student? Those of others? Provide specific examples of both positive and negative interactions you have had with your supervisor or co-workers.
What professional skills (examples include: marketing, budgeting, organizational, communication, time management, etc) are you currently applying at your internship site?
Personal Statements:

Reacting on a more personal level, respond to each of these questions.

What does this experience point out to you about your own values, attitudes, biases or preferences?
Please list 3 ways you know you will be effective during this internship experience.
Please list 3 professional skills you would like to improve during your internship experience.


1. Summary of what you learned about the topic

2. Summary of the depth and importance of the topic to general audience and to intellectual analytical work

(I will post the Powerpoint and the Speech Note)

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