Select three people to conduct depth interviews with regarding their consumption of ANY product/service of your choice (be creative in your choice of product). Your respondents must vary in their usage rate of this product. So, you must choose to interview one heavy user, one light user, and one none user of this product/service. You should develop and ask managerial relevant questions including (but not restricted to): 1. motivation for product use (non-use) 2. functional, psychological and social benefits obtained from owning/using (not using) product 3. monetary and non-monetary costs and other downsides to the use of the product 4. frequency and occasions of usage (e.g., everyday vs. special occasions) memorable experiences using the product 5. the influence of others on the usage (non-usage) of the product, and on decisions to use or not use the product and/or choosing specific brands. Submit your findings in a 10-page word-processed report. Include a brief profile of each respondent (KEEP NAMES ANONYMOUS), followed by the interview transcripts. Conclude your report with your observations regarding similarities, differences, interesting patterns etc… that you were able to deduct from these three interviews. No plagiarism original work please.

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