Intro to Transportation

Intro to Transportation

1. Read the article below and provide a 2-3 paragraph answer on your selected topic to include:

a) Why you chose the topic

b) What is the relevance to supply chain or transportation management?

c)  What else would you like to know about your topic?

d) Any references beyond the article

2. The integrated ownership of pipelines was initially used by some oil companies to gain market control of oil producing areas. How did they use their transportation

network to gain market control?   What other reasons can be offered for integrated ownership?  Are these reasons valid in today’s marketplace and why or why not.

3. The pipeline industry has approximately 100 companies, as compared to the motor carrier industry which has 50,000.   What are the underlying economic causes for

this difference? (4-8 sentences)

4. Up until 2010, what was the single most distinguishing characteristic of pipelines compared to all other modes? (4-8 sentences)

5. If oil needs to move from North Dakota direct to a refinery in California and pipelines were not available, the next cheapest available form of transportation would

be what mode? (4-8 sentences)

6. Pipeline transportation is the only mode that does not involve a ____ as part of its infrastructure?

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