Introducing an Electronic Prescription to an outpatient multispeciality clinic in Dubai

The main purpose of the chapter is to provide ‘an overview of the methodology and methods used as part of the OD process’
Suggested headings;
3 Methodology & Methods
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Critical Review of Approaches to Organisational Development/Change
3.3 Rationale for OD/Change Model Selected
3.4 OD/Change Model applied (or proposed to be applied)
3.4.1 Initiation
3.4.2 Planning
3.4.3 Implementation
3.4.4 Mainstreaming
3.5 Summary & Conclusion
You are expected to use the literature to demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of OD/ change applied to your selected topic area.
You are not required to give a detailed theoretical description of different OD and change models However, you are required to provide a brief review of approaches to organisational development/change . Section 3.2 and 3.3 does not need to be extensive or over dominate so please reconsider this element of the chapter.
Conclusion needs



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