Introduction to Labour Studies

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For centuries, songs have been written and inspired by the experience of work. This assignment provides students with the opportunity to listen to the diverse voices of work and to examine the goals, perspectives, and struggles of workers communicated through music. Students will be expected to address the following questions:

a) How is the ?worker?, ?owner/boss? or workplace environment portrayed within the song?

b) How are employment-related activities portrayed within the song?

c) What is the geographic and historical context in which the song takes place?

d) What is the relevance of the song for contemporary labour relations?

A list of suggested songs is found below. Songs can be accessed through online sources (, itunes, or compact discs.

Analyses should be a maximum of 750 words or 2-3 pages double spaced, have numbered pages, have a title page with the author?s name, student number and date of submission, and use 12 point font (Times New Roman is recommended). Students are expected to integrate course materials and readings into their analysis.

Clarify with the instructor on the use of websites, as many are not considered academic references.
APA guidelines are recommended for the documentation style. Further instructions on research, writing and citation criteria will be provided in class.

The student is expected to submit a copies of the Music and Labour Analysis. An electronic copy must also be submitted to the D2L course drop box. . Emailed submissions will not be accepted. All electronic submissions must be in PDF format.
Details on the policies and penalties for late submissions can be found under ?General Course Policies and Guidelines?.

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