JAVA Program using array of objects

For this assignment, you are required to develop a Menu Driven Console Java Program to

demonstrate you can use Java constructs including input/output via GUI dialogs, Java primitive and

built-in types, Java defined objects, arrays, selection and looping statements and various other Java

commands. Your program must produce the correct results.

The code for the menu and option selection is supplied: and is available on the

course website, you must write the underlying code to implement the program. The menu selections

are linked to appropriate methods in the given code. Please spend a bit of time looking at the given

code to familiarise yourself with it and where you have to complete the code. You will need to write

comments in the supplied code as well as your own additions.

 What to submit for this assignment

The Java source code:



If you submit the source code with an incorrect name you will lose marks.

A report including an UML class diagram of your Car class, how long it took to create the whole

program, any problems encountered and screen shots of the output produced. (Use Alt-PrtScrn to

capture just the application window and you can paste it into your Word document) You should test

every possibility in the program……………………..

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