JavaScript Mini-Game

JavaScript Mini-Game


In this game, you will create a player and four waypoints that the player must navigate to in the correct order before time runs out.

Your game should implement the following requirements:

1) The player is placed at a random location on the screen. (10 points)

2) The player is controlled with the arrow keys on the keyboard. (20 points)

3) 4 waypoints are placed randomly on the screen. (15 points)

4) Each waypoint must be visited by the player in the correct order. (15 points)

5) Each waypoint disappears after the user visits it in correct sequence. (15 points)

6) A timer counts down the amount of time remaining in the game. (15 points)

7) The game ends when all waypoints have been visited in the correct sequence or the player runs out of time. (10 points)

Also you have to create a “tar pit” that the player gets stuck in for 5 seconds if they contact it.

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