Joan Didion’s excerpt from “The Year of Magical Thinking” and John Crawford’s “The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell”

Topic: Read Crawford’s personal narrative about a traumatic war event and Didion’s account of the sudden death of her husband. Both authors detail transformative events in their lives. As you think about these narratives, recall a transformative incident or time in your life, an event that changed the course of your life. In an essay, write your own narrative about this incident/time/events that changed your life. Explain what happened; explain how your life changed. In addition, be certain to refer to the one narrative that affected you, and perhaps helped you realize your own defining incident, event, or time. Be certain your essay has an introduction, body, and concluding section; be certain it contains two MLA style citations and a Works Cited page for the narrative you chose for this essay.The AssessmentThe assessment is a 1,200-word essay and a DB post. Be certain to use the required MLA format and heading outlined in Assignment #3. If the essay lacks this identification and format, it will not be graded. Again, here is a sample of the required MLA documentation and Works Cited page

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