Justifying Unethical Conduct

Write a one-page analysis of how this topic may arise as a point of concern for you in your present career or in the career that you are currently working towards. Discuss the issues, how you would address the issues, and what policies and procedures you would put in place to address these concerns.

Include a least 1 reference

I have listed two different companies to choose from

Justifying Unethical Conduct

Unethical conduct is not necessarily illegal conduct; however, the difference between ethical and unethical conduct can be difficult to spot. Using the Internet.

I know of a company

  1. This companies do not hire many black in their finance department only in its account payable department and it does not matter what kind of degree they hold they always make excuse why someone from that department is not qualified and when someone is hired for other department within finance they are never black.


  1. The other company appear to limit the number of blacks in the company and I have seen where certain departments hires outside the company only to hire friends or previous co-worker and sometimes never interview qualified workers within the company and with no explanation.
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