Key elements of apple’s strategy

1-Which of the following is not one of the key elements of Apple’s strategy?
A-premium pricing based on brand name and reputation

B-commitment to intellectual property protection for its operating system and design

C-concentration on ease of use and innovative product design

D-Lowering costs through increased economies of scale.

2-Each of the following is a reason for Apple’s success in the digital music player industry except

A-The relations ship between iPod and iTunes

B-First mover advantages in the form of brand recognition and consumer loyalty

C-Strategic partnerships with major recording labels and networks.

D-Offering the most innovative, highest technology product including features like wireless connectivity.

3-Each of the following is a reason for Apple’s lack of success in the computer industry except

A-initial quality and service problems

B-Apple’s inability to capitalize on first mover advantages

C-lack of price competitiveness

D-overly devout commitment to intellectual property protection

4-Which of the following best describes Apple’s financial performance (2006-2008)?

A-Erratic growth in revenues and operating income

B-A drop in the 2008 Return on assets after early growth

C-Consistent growth in Return on Equity.

D-A decrease in Cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments.

5-Apple will find it hard to compete successfully with Dell and HP for each of the following reasons with the exception of

A-Customer support

B-No customization ability

C-Limited functionality and compatibility with commonly used software.

D-They have limited synergies with peripheral production and sales.

6-In the period from 2004 to 2008 Macintosh sales

A-are increasingly composed of desktops rather than portables

B-are increasing in unit sales but not in net sales

C-have decreased from more than one half to less than one half to total net sales

D-have increasing net sales except for Europe

7-Apple’s competitive advantage in the personal media player industry include all of the following except

A-Unique brand recognition and customer loyalty

B-Customer perception of the iPod as stylish and fashionable

C-strong retailer support

D-ease of use

8-Which of the following is not one of the significant challenges that Apple faces in 2009?

A-How to sustain its growth in the smart phone market in the face of increasing competition

B-The effect of the economic recession on Apple’s revenues and profits

C-How to increase its international computer sales

D-Concerns about Steve Jobs and his effectiveness as leader of the company

9-Apple should take all of the following steps to improve performance in the mobile phone industry except

A-To the extent it can, Apple should make its iPhones available to additional carriers

B-Apple should develop multiple models of the iPhone.

C-Apple should focus on lowering costs to better compete with Nokia

D-continue to develop innovations in the iPhone capabilities

10-Apple should take all of the following steps to improve performance in the mobile phone industry except

A-Loosen the copy protection on its iTunes content to make it available to more users

B-Continue innovation with product features

C-Continue the stylish marketing.

D-Stay with only iTunes compatibility.

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