Key Performance Indicators (KPI) o

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of conversion that your selected organization (from Week 2) has used, or could use, for a specific product or service in order to adapt to changing markets and social media digital trends.

Define the KPI “conversion rate”.

Describe three of the most prominent integrated digital marketing practices that your selected organization has implemented (or could implement) to drive customer conversion using social media.

Choose a digital value-generating activity that an online visitor might complete such as clicking on a promotional button, subscribing through an app, or purchasing a product.

Outline the components of a digital listening campaign for this value-generating activity, with a focus on conversion rate.

Provide conversion examples for two of the following  activities that are used to define, track, and measure online visitors:  “completion rate”, “average order value”, “average visits per visitor”, “recently”, “frequency”, or “revenue per customer”.

Analyze three different methods used to optimize the conversion process.

Include a reference page with a minimum of three references (including the course textbook)

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