Knowledge Mgt PowerPoint

Knowledge Mgt PowerPoint
PowerPoint Presentation, APA format, 12-15 slides…
Final Project (Individual) Presentation

In this individual project, you will function in the capacity of Chief Knowledge Officer to an organization. The organization can be your current organization, one you can gain access to for the required information, or one you can research.

Required Elements to include in the Final Project Presentation:

· The presentation should include a statement of your objective as the CKO and the strategic alignment of KM to the organization’s mission;

· Students will assess the organization’s KM strategies, KM structures, KM positions, and processes through a SWOT analysis;

· Students will make recommendations based on course materials regarding KM strategies to improve the organization.

Required Formatting of Paper:

· The deliverable for the project is a PowerPoint presentation of 12 to 15 content slides; APA format

· Include only short bullet points on the slides;

· Talking points go below each slide (in “click here to add notes”). Talking points should include your Knowledge SWOT, strategic alignment, recommendations and source/references to support these recommendations. A slide for evaluation or knowledge evaluation or bench-marking metrics is appropriate;

· Note: A draft of your final project to be posted for purposes of feedback and knowledge sharing in the discussion area. You will be required to respond to all questions and comments in the discussion area;

· The level of expected interaction is included in the project grade.

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