knowledge tree of autoradiography

Order Description
?knowledge tree?
Using the web of science, the construction of one forward citation network related to an important publication by a Nobel Laureate who used the autoradiographic method by the use of the ?Web of Science? to find information and follow the impact that an important publication has on subsequent research and application.
(( read secondary literature,i.e. publications that cite the originally published data)).

I have chosen this article to be my original published data (Formation and turnover of plasma membrane glycoproteins in kidney tubules of young rats and adult mice, as shown by radioautography after an injection of 3H-fucose)
by Charles Philippe Leblond – Nobel laureate
this is the link:

I need a knowledge tree which is based on:

1- a summary of the important point in the original publication data in the article which I mention up.
2- how others articles used this important point(from the original ) in their researches (summary of the secondary articles )
3- the secondary articles should be cited by the original article
4- the number of the secondary articles to be at least 4 articles

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