latin pap

latin pap

Each student will pick a city in Latin America, Asia or Africa

and write a paper about that city. The paper, 5 to 8

full pages of text, should include a thesis statement, evidence

to support the thesis, and conclusions. The paper should

focus on some aspect of

an issue facing the city. Examples of issues facing cities include but

are not limited to: gentrification, income inequality, migration,

gender violence, poverty, water shortage, pollution, housing shortage, public

health problems, or unemployment. Your task is to collect

information about the issue, describe it in detail, and analyze how

governments, institutions, or community groups etc. are addressing the issue.

What are the attributes of the city (physical, economic, social,

political, etc.) that contribute to or precipitate this issue? How are

citizens and/or governance structures responding to the issue? This paper

should be the result of extensive library research and use

of academic sources. A complete and properly formatted (APA)

bibliography for your paper with at least 10 sources-­â€-­â€

You must have 10 (TEN) academic sources (peer reviewed) (NOT Fox news, Blog posts, NYT, Travel Guides, BBC, encyclopedias, web sites, magazines, and Wikipedia for

example, they ARE NOT academic sources) that you will use for your research paper. Bibliographies should be in the format provided by the APA (American Psychological

Association, 6th edition). A complete and properly formatted (in alphabetical order) d

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